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New Year Resolutions that work!

By Ian Davies, Dec 30 2016 08:02AM

It's almost 2017! Another year has flown by and you may be thinking about the resolutions that you promised yourself this time last year. How did they go? Did you follow through with them?

The New Year is a time when many people make resolutions, in their personal and business lives. To achieve the results that you want is very easy, as long as you follow a simple and effective process that we call an 'Ecology Check'. This is simply a check to consider how the change you are going to make fits into the wider system. You make sure that the new change in one part of your life, does not cause problems in others.

Let me give you an example: Imagine a person who wants to increase their fitness and decides to join the new gym. "That will get me fit" they think. But after a long drive to work and a stressful day in the office, all they want to do is relax in a chair for a while, then eat dinner, followed by some precious time spent with their family or friends. They soon realise that there just isn't time to go to the gym and if they did go every night, when would they have time to have a life?

A simple ecology check by our imaginary friend would have shown that without other changes to their lifestyle, simply joining the gym would not get them fit. People spend huge amounts of money on gym memberships, that they never use! Good news for the gym, but not so good for the person wanting to get fit and healthy! Now I'm not saying don't join a gym, (they are great places to help increase fitness and have fun) but just look at the wider picture first, otherwise you may dissapoint yourself.

Having no 'Ecology Check' can cause problems in the workplace too. Unsuccessful organisational changes, are often due to a lack of thought of the side effects of the change and this can lead to major problems. Imagine if your doctor prescribed you some medicine, without paying any attention to the side effects!

This time of year is great for starting to make changes in your life, but before you do, ask yourself the following questions:

"What do I want to achieve and what are the side effects of this outcome, both positive and negative?

"What will I gain from this change and what will I lose?"

If you do this, you will set yourself achievable goals that will have a positive effect on your life.

Happy New Year from us and we wish you a fantastic 2017 full of growth.

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