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Reducing conflict and improving understanding

We help people to become more confident, more effective and more dynamic with their communication. Most people think they communicate well, however there are times in business when we need extra help.


We work with all levels of staff, from junior to executives, sharing soft skills techniques to improve results. If your business has people who have to communicate more effectively, then communication skills training may be just what you need. Active, enjoyable and memorable learning. We run Communication Skills programes in Yangon and beyond!

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

What you say and how you say it are two very different things. We develop peoples' ability to communicate more clearly, improving clarity and reducing misunderstandings.


Our experiential, fun approach improves both verbal and non-verbal communication and includes activities to enhance listening, questioning and relationship building.

The way that people communicate is influenced by their behaviour. We can help people to understand their own styles and learn to read others, so that they can communicate in a more effective way.


We are the only licensed distributors of PRISM Brain Mapping in Myanmar, an internationally used development tool that helps people to communicate at a deeper level.

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Learning to communicate at a deeper level

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Communication Skills