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Developing the highest level of service for your business

In a competitive business environment, you need to work hard to retain your customers and win new ones. Having a Premium level of customer service can really set you apart from your competitors.


Our tailor made programmes give your team the vital skills to deliver the level of service that will keep your customers returning and build a loyal following. We love to use group activities, role plays and videos in our programmes, which create memorable learning experiences that your staff will take back to the workplace. We run Customer Service training programmes in Yangon and beyond!

Premium Service for internal and external customers

We help your team to understand the true meaning of Premium Service and to develop memorable strategies for delivering this everyday, using our own 4 Step Service Plan.


We explore the difference between internal and external customers and highlight the importance of giving Premium service to colleagues. We believe that a happy team, with a strong internal service culture, will naturally delight its customers.

WOW your customers!

Our programmes enable your team to understand who their customers are, what they expect from you and how to exceed their expectations. This 'Going The Extra Mile' approach creates loyal fans who keep coming back for more.

Customer Touchpoints

When your customers interact with your business, it must be a smooth experience and one that makes them feel valued. We work with your team to highlight the key 'Touchpoints' where customers connect with your staff and facilitate the development of a set of Premium Service Standards for your business. We then develop your teams ability to build relationships and learn how to communicate effectively, in both verbal and non-verbal ways. This ensures a Premium experience.

Handling complaints

Things can sometimes go wrong and your team must be able to deal with the situation quickly and effectively.


Our programmes help your staff to feel confident when dealing with challenging situations.

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Customer Service Skills