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Myanmar's Premium Domestic Airline

We were asked to design and deliver a series of training programmes for the staff from FMI Air in Myanmar.

FMI Air is a rapidly expanding domestic airline, with an aim to be the premium airline within the region. They pride themselves on offering a premium product and it was important that the custoemr service matched this.


We designed two tailor made 'Premium Service Ambassadors' programmes for the organisation, for both Senior and Junior level staff. The brief was to fully immerse the staff in the training, so that they were energised, motivated and equipped to provide higher level service. This training will continue with new staff in the future.


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This was an intensive, fun programme for 20 Senior staff members. It developed deep level communication skills, increased understanding of customer expectations, improved awareness of Customer Touchpoints and built confidence in dealing with complaints. We also helped the team to design the Service Standards that the Junior staff would follow. We included a creative video production on Day 5, which brought the Service Standards to life and was used as an integral learning tool for the Junior team.

Programme 1 - Senior Staff (5 days)


This enjoyable programme involved 20 staff from Junior positions. The content included the essential elements from the Senior workshop, including communication skills, customer touchpoints and complaint handling, with plenty of time for role plays and practice. The participants were taught the Service Standards that the Senior team had designed and used the newly produced video as an engaging tool to highlight Premium service in a memorable way.

Programme 2 - Junior Staff (4 days)


FMI Air Premium Service Ambassadors