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Self Awareness, Communication, Flexibility

Improving the effectiveness of your Managers and Leaders is crucial to your business. You want people that inspire, motivate, support and develop their team. Technical skills are important, however success requires the development of people skills and an improved self awareness.


Our active learning programmes will help your staff to develop a rounded set of leadership skills and stretch them beyond their current comfort zones. They will learn how to develop and nurture relationships, build teams and facilitate the growth of others. We run Leadership Developmenet programmes in Yangon and beyond!

Effective Leadership starts with Self Awareness

We use the PRISM Brain Mapping tool to help people explore their behaviours, strengths and development opportunities. It is a powerful way of understanding the styles of others, which will reduce conflict and improve communication. Once people understand their personal behaviours, they can flex their approach to suit the situation.


Flexibility is the key to effective leadership.

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Communication Skills

We believe that inspirational leaders should have the skills to build relationships with others and be able to communicate their message clearly.


Our programmes focus on developing a wide range of verbal and non verbal skills.

Building, Leading and Motivating your team

We help people to understand the characteristics of high performing teams, to recognise the stages in their development and to build a range of strategies for improving performance. Our active programmes develop problem solving abilities and allow participants to understand the impact of different leadership styles when working.


When your team are motivated, they are happier and more productive, so we give opportunities to explore how to motivate others.

Developing others

You team improves by learning from their experiences.


We help leaders to develop coaching skills and the ability to give effective developmental feedback, as we believe that this should be on-going process in the workplace.

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Leadership Development