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Developing Future Leaders

We were asked to design and deliver a series of multi-day training programmes for Technicians from Posco Daewoo. These staff were working at the 'On Shore' and 'Off Shore' locations for the Gas Development projects in Myanmar. The HR team requested an active learning programme for the group, focusing upon the development of a range of Leadership Soft Skills. The participants were not currently managing teams, however the training would enable them to develop the necessary skills for future growth and development.


  • Self awareness using the PRISM Brain Mapping tool

  • Developing and Managing High Performance Teams

  • Building problem solving skills using our 5 Stage model

  • Enhancing communication and rapport building skills

  • Understanding the different styles of Leadership

  • Developing stretegies for motivating others

  • Learning to give Developmental Feedback

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Posco Daewoo Leadership Development