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Building confidence to present and speak in public

Presenting has become an important part of business life. Knowledge of your subject area is important, however you must also know how to plan and deliver your message effectively to different audiences.


We can help your team to become more confident with their public speaking skills, whether they present to a group of colleagues or at a more formal event involving large numbers of people. Our programmes are run for smaller groups, which allows more time for practice and greater support from our training team. We run Presentation Skills programes in Yangon and beyond!

Learning by doing

We believe that learning to be a confident presenter requires practice. It's not something that you can learn just be reading or listening. We therefore include many opportunities for practice and on-going feedback in our programmes, creating continuous improvement and an increase in confidence.


We mix theory and practical activity to create an enjoyable environment in which to develop new skills.

Benefits for all

Learning to present effectively is useful for a wide range of job roles.


It is an essential skill for people who need to communicate their message to others in a confident, concise way.

Learning the essential skills for success

We help your staff to develop the key skills for planning and delivery of engaging, memorable presentations:


  • Explore innovative techniques for planning content.

  • Developing Verbal and Non Verbal communication skills.

  • Learn techniques for building confidence.

  • Understanding how to use supporting materials.

  • Learn how to handle questions from the audience.

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Presentation Skills