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Active Learning

When a group of highly talented individuals work together in alignment, the results are magical. We believe that the differences that lie within your team create its strength.


Each team has different needs, values and behaviours, so we design our programmes with you in mind. We don't run 'off the shelf' style team development programmes. We start by finding out your objectives, challenges and goals and design a programme that fits.


Whether your team is newly formed or long established, we can help individuals to understand each other better, communicate more effectively and improve overall performance. We can run your Team Building programme in Yangon or other locations in Myanmar or South East Asia!

People learn best when they are engaged, awake and active! Our learning programmes help your team to develop their team skills in a supportive, enjoyable environment. The training activities that we use are a powerful way of learning about behaviours, time management, problem solving and team communication.


Our approach encourages participation and is enjoyable and memorable. We have indoor and outdoor activities to suit all venues.

Building happy, successful teams


Developing Problem Solving Skills

High performing teams solve problems quickly and effectively.


Our programmes encourage teams to work together to solve problems; to plan, to create and to implement ideas. We mix problem solving theories with activity to create a learning experience that is 'hands-on' and effective.


Learning by doing.

Transferring learning to the workplace

Our trainers are experts at guiding your team through this active learning process. The most important stage is to transfer learning back into the work environment, so that you see real results.


We use a combination of observation, questioning and coaching to provide this link.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

We help your team members to become more confident when delivering effective developmental feedback to their colleagues.


It is a powerful way of motivating and changing behaviour.

We help yoru team to understand the different behaviours and work styles that exist. This knowledge builds relationships, reduces conflict and improves team work.


We are the only licensed distributors of PRISM Brain Mapping in Myanmar, an internationally used development tool that brings behaviour awareness to life.

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Understanding Behaviours with PRISM Brain Mapping

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Team Building